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Giclee Prints
  Clear Path
  22 x 30
Signature painting for Clear Path For Vets, inspired by their mission to help military veterans recover and reintegrate by offering support, training and vocational programs in a setting of natural beauty. Purchase of prints at $450 for your office, business, home or gift will benefit Clear Path For Veterans.

Prints available, Original Painting SOLD


Prints are produced on canvas as well as on paper. They are signed and numbered limited edition prints. Pigment based inks are used to create an archival quality of at least 75 years. Giclee is French for spraying of ink, a common term for fine art digital prints. Giclee prints are used by The Metropolitan Museum of art, The British Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art and kept as part of their permanent art collection. With the specialized method and time consuming attention to detail needed to produce a giclee print, they are considered a fine art print. Prints are available at Adirondack Experience Store, Lake Placid Lodge, Wm Coffey Gallery, Adirondack Country Store. 

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