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  About Rhea

                                       THE POINT -  "ROCK OF SERENITY"                                             

A an artist, I focusing on landscapes, wildlife and historical interests.  I enjoy expressing richly rooted traditions, capturing movement of trees and lakes, the depth of details and the luminous light.  Reality and capture of light is one of the aspects most commented on of my work which I attribute to exposure of light throughout the Adirondacks, but also of California where I grew up, before returning to New York, my home state.

 Ceramic Arts

December 2013 I took a few pottery lessons with Christine Wagoner, in January 2014 I purchased a wheel and set up the start of a pottery studio in my home. In February came the kiln with lots of interesting experiments. Now,  I am honored that my pottery has been well received and is acquired to be appreciated as art, as well as given as wedding & birthday gifts and simple everyday use and enjoyment.  With great appreciation, this gives me the opportunity to push this new venture and skill in a direction which I'm still exploring the enjoyable path.


                                                      Twin Farms - Summer Collection

                                                                                                                                                    Copper Pond



                                                  Lake Placid Lodge ~ Cabin Collection

    Displayed in the Lodge Gallery: Gem size art representing cozy luxury of intimate cabins.

     Framed originals  $1800 -  $2,200                            Framed  prints      $265  -  $350 







                                                                            PLEIN AIR:


                                                                                  Moxham Mountain   8" x 14"                                                                            

        Sketches of the day, a postcard of sorts, a memento, accomplished quickly, within a few hours. Brushstroke by brushstroke an original piece of art is created, some more serious than others.THE JOURNEY: Imagine random or planned, seeking out a location. Carefully, with expediency, setting up your equipment to begin a work that you will be intently focused on for the next few hours.  Unlike a studio piece there’s a need to think and work quickly. Light changes, therefore tones, colors and composition are altered. Adrenaline garnered from the experience of having your living subject thriving in front of you pushes you to get lost in time. It’s addicting, ...the fresh air, rain or shine and the unexpected surprises of wildlife, ...after all, I quietly work in one location for what can be hours. I have discovered, Nicky my boarder collie, can also sit, curled up next to me for hours, bar the occasional squirrel temptation. So try to imagine the experience of the day, appreciate the broad, loose brushstrokes, the essence of plein air. Not always perfect but worth the lessons and the journey.

                                                         Clear Path For Veterans Holiday                  



                                                                                      Frame by Larry Costello                                                           


Latest works: http://www.facebook.com/rheacostelloart





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